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Maximizing Sales Performance

Our full suite of SPM solutions enables you to plan territories and quotas effectively, improve revenue operations to capture missed pipeline opportunities, and leverage the fastest and most flexible way to pay sellers accurately and on time.
Sales Performance Management
Provides organizations with the capabilities they need to inform, plan, optimize and reward seller performance – both internally and externally.
This helps to motivate sales behaviors, drive revenue quality and sustain business growth. Feature-rich, flexible and scalable application enables you to pivot from processing incentive compensation to true Sales Performance Management.
  • Executive
  • Gamification
  • Fraud analytics
Pay instructions
  • Accruals
  • Withholdings
  • Pay results
  • Territory management
  • Quota management
  • Plan assignments
  • Territory planning
  • Quota planning
  • Incentive structures
  • Data from HR, sales and other sources
Incentive plan management
  • Incentive plan components
Post pay management
  • Inquiry tracking Adjustments
  • Adjustment approvals
Sales events & eligibility management
  • Sales events
  • Allocation and eligibility rules
  • Regulatory validations
  • Plan distribution
  • Plan acknowledgement Quota letter
  • Quota acceptance
  • Pay approval
  • Overrides Inquiries/disputes
Sales entity definition
  • Sellers
  • Products
  • Geographies
  • Accounts
  • Roles with hierarchies
Incentive calculations
  • Allocation
  • Crediting
  • Base incentives
  • Speed components
  • True up/down chargeback
Dashboards, reporting & pay data integration
  • Operational
  • Seller
  • Financials
  • Partners
  • To GL/AP/AR Payroll
Incentive Compensation Management
Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) removes friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies, and enables new insights to outdo previous performance.

Resolve inquiries faster

Quickly answer simple questions with summary reports covering credits, splits, adjustments, and more. For more difficult problems, walk through your incentive calculation process step by step using a graphical interface built, drilling into the details to identify and solve problems at the source.

Automatically provide instant answers

Significantly reduce the number of inquiries your sales compensation team receives and help eliminate “shadow accounting” with an AI-powered chat bot that enables sellers to get instant, self-service answers to their questions in a variety of languages.

Meet payroll closing – every time

Make last-minute changes, corrections, and adjustments and still close on time with ICM’s unique architecture combining data optimization with the most robust calculation engine for maximum speed. Rapidly adapt to market situations and spend more time on effective plan designs so you can get incentive components right the first time.

Increase true sales yield

Improve hiring, pay, and promotion practices by visualizing how your team compares with the industry, identify drivers of sales attrition, and develop profiles of top performers with Varicent Symon.AI pre-built apps. Take decisive action to retain top performers while avoiding the disruptions, lost opportunities, and high onboarding costs associated with seller churn.

Identify levers to outdo performance

Connect the dots from incentives to sales behaviors, from commission management to business strategies with Symon.AI blueprints that allow you to map your data to pre-built analytics models. Find discrepancies in pay vs revenue performance, predict seller onramp, excessive discounting, and more to increase plan effectiveness.
Revenue Intelligence
Make sales forecasts more accurate with Revenue Intelligence. Unlock a wide breadth of breakthrough revenue insights – from predictive forecasts to opportunity scoring and seller performance – with Varicent Revenue Intelligence Workbench.

Guide your teams better

Understand what drives the performance of your best sellers so that you can lift the rest of the team up. Pinpoint reasons for gaps in performance at the individual and group level and test different interventions – all within the tool itself.

Prioritize execution with opportunity indicators

Focus limited resources more effectively with AI-driven opportunity health scores. Find out the likelihood of winning and play around with levers you can influence to determine the next best steps to improve win rates.

Get to insights faster

Save time from chasing down scattered data sources and creating custom analyses by automating and customizing data within the Workbench. Deploy analytics easily with a no-code, quick, and intuitive user experience.

Improve sales forecast accuracy and reliability

Increase confidence in your sales forecasts and the strategic decisions based on them with out-of-the-box predictive forecasting and opportunity scores that continue to learn and improve based on your data. Make your forecast stable from quarter start to close with advanced analytics. Tailor fit your model to your organization’s unique scenarios with your own data and institutional knowledge.

Discover new revenue insights

Maximize the value of your pipeline with applications and blueprints for opportunity health, salesperson turnover, new seller ramp up, and more – all without a data scientist. Explore questions unique to your business to gain new perspectives and insights that can improve your go-to-market strategy.
Territory and Quota Planning
Build your sales territory planning strategically and more effectively. Varicent Territory and Quota Planning was purpose-built to automate the mechanics of sales territory and quota planning. Take back lost time and focus on strategies to maximize revenue.

Manage sales complexity

Visually construct sales territories with ease and flexibility. Utilize revolutionary battlecards for your unique combination of teams, including hierarchies like industries, products and geographies, customer and account stacking, and inclusion and exclusion rules.

Maximize sales territory planning potential

Assess the potential of each territory by combining internal metrics and expertise with external data. Prevent revenue leads and
ensure plans are error-free with diagnostics and interactive maps to 
quickly see a sales territory assessment, including coverage gaps 
and overlaps.

Meet growth targets

Create sales quota planning strategies that motivate sellers and align with revenue expectations and growth targets. Automatically generate top-down and bottom-up allocation metrics based on your territory definitions or any quota planning metric you provide.

Create trust and buy-in

Develop sales trust with plans built on data and drive alignment with collaboration tools that engage stakeholders throughout the sales quota assignment and planning process. Reduce cumbersome reviews and approvals with automated workflows that manage approvals and create an auditable track of changes – all in one system.
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