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In 2018, SAP’s acquisition of marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of their flagship Incentive Compensation Management product. Renamed as SAP Commissions, the product is undergoing a comprehensive architecture rewrite, transitioning to core SAP technologies and rebranded as SuccessFactors Incentive Management. This transformative change is a response to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and a strategic move to align with SAP’s broader ecosystem.

The crux of this transformation lies in the departure from the existing architecture, which is based on Oracle. This change is not merely a technological shift but a strategic necessity. The current Oracle-based architecture is set to lose support beyond 2026, prompting a critical decision for existing customers. They now find themselves at a crossroads, faced with the choice of either upgrading to the SAP HANA platform hosted on Google Hyperscalers or exploring alternatives within the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) and Sales Performance Management (SPM) landscape.

Factors to be audited are:

  • What is the current state of the ruleset – how up to date it is and how performant it is?
  • How well written the rules are – do they adhere to standards and produce any errors?
  • How heavy is the data integration part (regardless of if written in the Landing Pad’s Informatica or somewhere else)
  • What is the approach to reporting – are Crystals/Webi reports used or something else?
  • What are the scenarios for Workflows – what split between core Workflow scripting language and PL/SQL?
  • What is the current state of documentation (across all components), operational procedures in place and proficiency of the team experience that would be involved in the migration?

All these and other system components can (and should) be audited to recommend the most effective migration strategy: 

  • move to SuccessFactors Incentive Management,
  • or open an RFP and explore options with SAP and with other platform vendors in a competitive bid?

Both should be explored to yield both financial and efficiency gains.

Needless to say, Sands Partners will be happy to perform such an audit and recommend a course of action. 

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