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After the acquisition of by SAP in 2018

it’s only natural that the flagship Incentive Compensation Management product, dubbed now SAP Commissions, is getting a full architecture rewrite to core SAP technologies (and will be called SuccessFactors Incentive Management).

The previous architecture, based on Oracle, won’t be supported beyond 2026 and the customers face a choice of either upgrading to HANA on Google Hyperscalers or moving to a different ICM/SPM platform vendor.

One of the things that is not immediately obvious is what happens to Advanced Workflows after migration to SuccessFactors Incentive Management.

In the end, one might think that since Advanced Workflows operate in their own environment (the Workbench), migration from the old architecture to the new one should be a piece of cake. Well, things are a bit more complex than that.

While indeed Advanced Workflows use its own proprietary version of a scripting language

a common practice in the past was to call SQL or even PL/SQL from within Advanced Workflow to execute tasks on an EXT instance that require database access. These snippets of code will need to be rewritten simply because EXT will no longer be on Oracle, it will be on HANA instead.

There are tools that can rewrite Oracle SQL and PL/SQL to HANA SQL, and they usually work reasonably well, but as always, the devis is in the detail. Without proper testing strategy, it’s not prudent to just use an automated code converter and push the code out to production, hoping for the best.

Some organizations rely very heavily on Advanced Workflows (beyond regular dispute resolution) so a properly planned Testing phase is a must in these cases.

Sands Partners will be happy to help you with both rewrite of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL to HANA SQL, definition of a testing strategy and execution of a test phase.

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