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Align revenue teams with ease

The CaptivateIQ  platform empowers customers to design any comensation plan, sync any data source, and iterate with confidence to achieve revenue goals.
Change the way of tracking and paying commissions thanks to easy- to-use sales compensation software.
Motivate your reps and avoid costly errors with well-designed compensation plans and automated commission tracking.
So if you are...
Calculating sales comissions manually
Can’t stand to wait for IT to change comissions plans
Frustrated with how long it takes
Afraid that the data from open docs one day will leak to the market
Taking heat from reps that their comission is wrong
Becoming Master in Excel to compenstae your Sales Team
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Real Voices, Real Results
The amount of time saved with this tool is invaluable to me after all, time is valuable, time is money, time is everything.
Sarah D.
Sales Operational Manager at Yello
CaptivateIQ in a new class of vendor. The team has proven that they truly care about driving continued value for us-and they work really hard to make sure we succeed.
Matt S.
Director of Business Operations at TrustArc
I love CaptiveIQ. I have been very impresses with the product road map and enhancements. We can make changes ourselves with ease. Our small but mighty team also has been able to cut down significantly on compensasion errors.
Michael D.
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations at Gong
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