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Reporting  – a serious change
Reporting – a serious change

After the acquisition of by SAP in 2018

it’s only natural that the flagship Incentive Compensation Management product, dubbed now SAP Commissions, is getting a full architecture rewrite to core SAP technologies (and will be called SuccessFactors Incentive Management).

The previous architecture, based on Oracle, won’t be supported beyond 2026 and the customers face a choice of either upgrading to HANA on Google Hyperscalers or moving to a different ICM/SPM platform vendor.

Reporting has never been a strong side of the old SAP Commissions – the reports were clunky and not pretty, to say the least.

Reporting in the old architecture was achieved using two distinct technologies: Web Intelligence (or Webi for short) and Crystal reports.

Both will be replaced by SAP Embedded Analytics, and this type of migration will require full report rewrite.

If you’re in a lucky position and SAP will do the migration for free for you (careful though, “for free” usually means something else in SAP world…) then that’s basically it.

However, if you’re considering migration to SuccessFactors Incentive Management on your own, then you’re, well, on our own.

Not only you need to rewrite the reports, but also take care of any intermediate objects (like SQL or PL/SQL blocks on EXT instance).

This is not a small task and will require personnel that has technical knowledge of both Oracle, Crystals/Webi and Hana worlds.

A very unlike combination of skills to find, and quite an expensive skillset too!

Things may be a bit easier if you consider report migration out of SAP altogether – and there are two options you may want to consider:

  • Migrate to SuccessFactors Incentive Management for core commissions calculations, but move reporting to a tech stack where you have strong technical competencies already.
  • Migrate to a new ICM/SPM system vendor where report management is easier (and less expensive)

Whichever option you consider, Sands Partners are there to analyze your situation, recommend the most cost-effective solution and execute the desired migration strategy.

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