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What should we look at, searching for SPM solution?
SPM solutions what to looka ta why is it important

Here are the top 8 characteristics of companies and products to look for when considering a supplier.

  1. An integrated and scalable platform
    So that you do not have to look for new solutions when your company grows. The selected solution should take into account the scale, the number of people served and the additional solutions introduced.
  2. Access to the ICM
    Incentive Compensation Management – automated commission settlements of your sales representatives. A solution that allows you to save time and nerves wasted for searching for inaccuracies in your and your salespeople’s spreadsheets.
  3. Customers opinion
    Firstly: to choose the really best solution, not only company opinion about their solution ; secondly, to ensure easy and trouble-free cooperation with the solution provider. Remember that this is to be your business partner, not just a vendor
  4. Planning and management of commissions
    Check if you have access to many options, including top – down and bottom-up management. The option of downloading data from multiple sources to determine targets and the possibility of using artificial intelligence to predict optimal solutions and goals will also be useful.
  5. Designing and managing territories
    Territory mapping solutions should enable the acquisition of external data for territories. You must have the flexibility to design and seamlessly integrate scheduling and quota management solutions.
  6. Compliance of commission and accounting
    Because these two departments should overlap and the teams should work together instead of looking for discrepancies between the results of both departments
  7. Performance analysis and optimization
    Optimize the plan and drive the desired behavior of your salespeople
  8. Security
    Meet all the requirements and challenges your company faces in terms of data security

Choosing the right software for your business is a tedious, long and complicated process. We understand it perfectly. We believe that the first step to your SPM transformation is knowing what stage you are at right now and what actions you can take to gradually optimize your sales plans and processes.

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