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The best motivators for sales team staff (and for other teams too)

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Motivation at work is crucial for the sales team and to the performance of the entire company. Find out what motivates employees to succeed in their role on a daily basis.

Proper motivation is the main driving force behind any successful employee. Motivated sellers know which potential customers they should target and how to create contracts to increase their commission. And that’s all thanks to the right motivation in the workplace. In case of your sales team, your compensation plans are the motivation. Regardless of whether an employee is involved in sales or not, incentives are key to employee retention, development and work, and therefore revenue in any organization.

Using employee motivators to increase productivity

Employee motivators are the pay structure that motivates employees to achieve certain goals. Like sales compensation plans, it works because it motivates employees and drives certain behaviors. Simple use of psychology. Your incentives reinforce and reward a certain behavior, which motivates employees to repeat it. This is particularly important not only for sales department employees, whose large part of their income is commissions, but also for the rest of the staff. Especially in the time of the increasingly popular “great resignation” trend, when employees demotivated by their role and wage stagnation, do nothing but basic work and only the necessary minimum.

Here are the best practices and motivational ideas for employees to ensure the highest efficiency.

  1. Align incentives to organizational goals

Effective employee incentives motivate and encourage appropriate actions as they align with the company’s goals. An easy way to incorporate this into your planning is the ABC of Incentive Planning:

  1. Customize employee incentives for each role

Everyone in your company plays a different role. The best motivations for employees focus on their individual strengths and responsibilities. This motivates employees on a personal level and gives them the opportunity to succeed in their unique tasks. Personalized employee incentives ensure that each person has control over their own results. This also shows each of them plays a valuable, individual role in your company’s success.

  1. Use MBO programs

The most popular incentive for employees is the sales commission plan. For non-selling workers, management by objectives or MBO programs are very effective in increasing productivity. MBOs are goals assigned to each employee in relation to his specific job responsibilities. These goals are rewarded with a bonus when the goal is achieved within the specified time. Using a combination of sales compensation and MBO allows you to align your entire workforce with common goals. It shows how each employee is valued and contributes to the overall success of the company.

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