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In 2018, SAP’s acquisition of marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of their flagship Incentive Compensation Management product. Renamed as SAP Commissions, the product is undergoing a comprehensive architecture rewrite, transitioning to core SAP technologies and rebranded as SuccessFactors Incentive Management. This transformative change is a response to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and a strategic move to align with SAP’s broader ecosystem.

Migration considerations:

While for some customers it makes perfect sense to upgrade their SAP Commissions to SuccessFactors Incentive Management on HANA, others may choose to use the opportunity to switch to another ICM/SPM solution. If you’re in the latter group, one thing is clear: you’ll need to migrate all historical data calculated in SAP Commissions. This is not an easy task. Key factors include:

  • How much history needs to be migrated (volume = performance)
  • What’s the level of detail? Should all the data be extracted at the base level or can some pieces of data be grouped?
  • Should terminated payees also be migrated?
  • Should only SAP-calculated data be migrated, or other types of data too (history reports, history of approvals, etc.)?
  • How will the history extracted data be validated against the original data in SAP?
  • Should transactions also be extracted?

Challenges of data migration:

Migrating rules is one thing, but history is different, requiring careful analysis and estimation. Some data might need to be summarized or left behind for budget reasons. The primary challenge is the method of historical data extraction, as the SAP Commissions GUI limits data extraction to the current period.

Automated extraction with SHAME

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SAP Commissions limitation of data to current period

There are over 200 individual data tables in SAP Commissions, and the relationship model is not publicly disclosed, making manual extraction time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, Sands Partners offers an automated extraction tool called SAP History Automated Mover and Extractor (SHAME). The tool automates most data extraction tasks, extracting payees, credits, measurements, deposits, and other entities from SAP Commissions.

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Sneak peek into SAP History Automated Mover and Extractor

Efficient migration with SHAME

SHAME is designed to make the migration process seamless by automating data extraction. It ensures accuracy, saves time, and reduces costs associated with manual data migration efforts.

Comprehensive data handling

SHAME extracts a variety of data entities from SAP Commissions, including payees, credits, measurements, and deposits, ensuring all necessary historical data is migrated accurately.

Expert support

Sands Partners offers not only the SHAME tool but also expert support throughout the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new ICM system.

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