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Processes automation – do I really need it?

Let’s face it: managing one, two or three processes manually is not the end of the world, yet when you have several or several hundred employees, it starts to be difficult to calculate each commission separately. But what if you have one very good employee and you unconsciously count something wrong for him? All year round? Without recognizing that your daily processes are experiencing a problem, you may inadvertently expose yourself to bigger mistakes and inefficiencies in the future – those that will require to stay overtime to fix. Those that will require to pay wrongly calculated commissions to employees, e.g. a year back. Those that may cost good employees to move to another company that has better recognition.  

Whether you are still relying entirely on manual processes, or you have just realized you need a solution or have already taken the first step toward an automated process, it’s important to understand what stage your organization is currently in. And what you can do to reduce the workload on your daily tasks.

The average company with a large sales department spends at least 10% of sales commissions, so you have to admit that making sure these payments are accurate, timely and easy to understand is CRITICAL to your business.

So what can I do?

Automate key processes in your company.

Why automation will be useful for me?

Because 75% of companies surveyed by Xactly settle their commissions manually. Errors were found in 80% of manually settled sheets. [1]

Companies spend about 5 hours monthly analyzing and looking for errors in spreadsheets.

As it will count automatically, the company will no longer need me.

Automation is there to help you, not to replace you. It will never do it “by itself”.

Taking the example of the USA labor market: the median length of service has increased since 2000. The emergence of AI has resulted in stability for a large number of employees. Today’s working environment is back to its state from around 1950 when the peak of stability was recorded. [2] It is, of course, research made before  pandemic and war in Ukraine, but these factors have a completely different impact on the situation. And contrary to appearances, automation also helps in this case. Streamlining processes changes the job profile from tactical to more strategic, but it will never replace a valuable person.

My company is too small for that.

Regardless of the size, if you are billing in Excel manually, you are at risk of errors. In case of small business, the question is how big error can be done in a small company?

Sometimes even 3% of errors in calculation sheets may result in thousands of PLN of incorrectly paid commissions. Recalculate this carefully on the example of your own company.

What will it do for me?

For example:

1) Better data integration and visibility.

2) Eliminate up to 90% of errors in spreadsheets and commission payments.

3) Better work efficiency:

A) Up to 60% less time spent counting commission [3]

B) Up to 80% less time spent creating spreadsheets and communicating with employees [4]

C) 2-3 times increase in efficiency compared to enterprises using manual solutions [5]

D) Reporting – thanks to ICM it is done with a few buttons. You don’t need to copy data from different excels.

E) Data availability: all indicators in one system, one dashboard, presented in real time

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