Increase the effectiveness of sales teams
with strategic incentive compensation management
that drives profitable behaviors and grows revenue.

SAP Commissions

Incentive compensation management software.

Create, optimize, and deliver incentive compensation plans at scale with the SAP Commissions solution. You can shape behaviors to increase profits while gaining the transparency to maximize commissions ROI and eliminate errors.




Cloud deployment


Comprehensive incentive compensation management


Real-time payment and performance insight


One-click traceability, enabling rapid resolution of inquiries





Key Benefits:


Improve selling 

Develop and distribute strategic incentive compensation plans at scale to drive the right sales outcomes for your global workforce.


Increase incentive compensation ROI

Unlock insights with rich analytics and leverage prescriptive AI recommendations to improve plan performance without third-party business intelligence software.


Reduce risk, payment errors, and comp disputes

Address sales compensation inquiries, eliminate overpayments and achieve payment dispute resolution in seconds with one-click traceability.





Key Capabilities:


Comprehensive incentive compensation management

  • Model, compare, test, and roll out new plans and promotions quickly without relying on IT.
  • Create complex sales plans with ease using intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces and preconfigured templates.
  • Motivate sales personnel with bonuses, multipliers, and performance insights.

Real-time payment and performance insight

  • Resolve sales compensation inquiries in seconds with one-click traceability.
  • Empower sales reps to raise disputes efficiently with connected tools for faster resolution.
  • Keep sales reps motivated and focused on selling with commission estimates and leaderboards.

AI recommendations and plan optimization

  • Maximize incentive compensation spend with prescriptive AI recommendations for plan optimization.
  • Deliver prescriptive sales recommendations and identify opportunities to improve outcomes with bonuses or accelerators.
  • Uncover insights without data scientists or added solution implementation.

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