We will help you implement ICM / SPM, MLM and Salesforce solutions
the most effective for your business.


No more inefficient and loss-making management attempts through Excel spreadsheets. Our specialists will analyze your needs and help you choose software that will increase the efficiency of your business, avoiding misuse of time and eliminate shadow accounting. We will implement the selected system, personalize it and teach you how to use it properly. We are able to help by:

Customer consulting

Leading demo sessions

Prepareing POC

Product Implementation

System Maintenance

Platform development, 24/7 support


Are you looking for efficiency and clean-up of your business processes?
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The incentive compensation implementation process understood as automating your compensation plans and rules requires knowledge, experience, precision and patience and it is complicated. It is also a wise decision based on a vision of the future. Our consultants combine knowledge and experience in both conducting system implementations and specialized domain practice, which is necessary to successfully implement such complex solutions as ICM/SPM systems.

SANDS Partners services::

Analysis & Audit

Data Integration

System Implementation

System Maintenance

System Support



Are you looking for efficiency and clean-up of your business processes?
Get a free offer for your business!



A simplified approach to sales performance management, fully motivated sales representatives, and clear rules will all create the optimal solution to fit your needs.

SANDS Partners team is ready to support your business if:

Seeking support?

You already deployed an ICM/SPM platform and are looking for some additional support

Hungry for knowledge?

If you have implemented an ICM/SPM system and can manage it but are looking for additional knowledge and ideas

Need outsourcing?

If you’ve implemented an ICM/SPM platform and decide to fully outsource management both technical and operational.


Are you looking for efficiency and clean-up of your business processes?
Get a free offer for your business!


Consulting IT

We strive to solve your problems.

We search for the best solutions for your business and help you implement them. Specialized industry knowledge allows us to orientate precisely to your needs. We offer comprehensive services in a price model appropriate for your company. When we analyze your needs and choose the right system, you won't be alone with it. Our specialists will allow you to calmly focus on everyday activities, not on how to operate this tool. We provide special training in each software and support at individual stages of its implementation - we help in both small and large problems in all IT fields, not only advanced ones.



By working with us you will gain

  • The simplicity of content distribution
  • Ease of introducing new products and entering markets in other countries
  • Reduction of time spent on administering the team
  • Control over the activities of members of the hierarchy and detailed reporting on them. A thorough analysis of the partners' actions and taking actions based on the conclusions drawn from them is a simple way to increase sales.

We will let you avoid

  • Back-up team overgrowth
  • Inefficient expenditure on administration and marketing
  • Software development costs
  • Many system errors that often lead to reduced sales