Learn to walk before you start running.

Take advantage of the opportunity to work in a personalized online office that helps salesmen succeed in their business. The option of configuring the software according to their own needs allows managers to reach sellers at every stage of the transaction with support and training. This allows traders to increase profits while remaining loyal to the company. All this without having to write a single line of code.

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Share your action plan

Keep your software users informed, engaged and educated with banners and login credentials.

  • Display personalized messages
  • Schedule automatic content update
  • Prioritize content by language, region, and task rank

Do it your way

The ability to adjust the appearance of the website to your company branding increases its visibility, increases the growth of the activity of users and strengthens their loyalty.

  • Unique landing page and login page
  • Possibility to add a logo and set company colors
  • Iconography specific to a specific industry

Personalize your communication

Open and easy communication between users ensures connectivity between teams and increases revenues.

  • Bulk message sending
  • The ability to directly exchange messages between users in the chat
  • Offline sms and email notifications

Designed for your needs


Set up modules and gather materials to help you succeed

Show off

Show off your strengths with quick and easy sharing features

Shopping for the 21st century

Use a simple, modern e-commerce model and purchasing system

The power of numbers

Communicate easily with your entire team through the online office

Order system

Makes it easy to view order payments and transaction history


Manage automatic delivery and track orders, all from your mobile device


Build loyalty with customizable widgets to showcase user performance and training tools

Concentrate on the ultimate goal

Provide users with the ability to see accurate data about their performance

Why do magic when you can rely on data

We know that direct selling companies operate in their own way. Using many years of experience in the industry, we have designed unique tools to optimize revenues combined with an order processing system. Thanks to collecting all sales data and solutions for profiling and editing the remuneration system, DirectScale gives you not only knowledge about the data, but also the opportunity to develop your company.

Navigation panels
Sales management panels present the most important information about your company at any time.
Automatic shipping
Predict cash flows and prepare for periods of accumulation of these processes by forecasting automatic shipments.
Optimize your procurement process with prototyping, testing and editing tools included in the program.

Great efficiency comes with great power

You are as good as your team is. The team has the capabilities that the tools allow. The DirectScale online office is the only source of reliable information for the organization - it supports individual users with data, allows you to manage eCommerce and restores logic to logistics. We believe technology should work for you, not the other way around.

Online sales management

Update your product offering and information from anywhere to easily manage your online business.


Get a 360° view of your traders' sales and see how to better support them to consistently increase your sales.

Resources/Orders management

Streamline everything from ordering products to shipping.

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