Case study of Implementation of Xactly Incent ®  in

13 July 2022
Case study Commission ICM/SPM


Let’s have a look how does ICM/SPM implementation process looks from the backstage.


  • Reduce manual effort work that was done before, partially in Excel and partially in PowerBI to calculate attainment.
  • Lessen the amount of shadow accounting that occurs in manual work.
  • Align to the long-term strategy and sales structure with an advanced, reliable and flexible  tool.
  • Improve visibility of work status for sales and managers.
  • Drive more efficiency and reliance on commissions and payouts.




Implementation of Xactly Incent ®  in

 A tool that minimizes errors in calculations of incentive payment.

 A solution with the ability to handle a large number of sales representatives.    



“Based on the project scope and requirements, SANDS Partners decided to engage our senior and most experienced consultants. We needed to build confidence that the implementation will run smoothly, without additional time-consuming errors during the project. The whole implementation took 5 months with the final touches in March 2022. Working on this particular deployment was one of the most significant projects in the last few months – both from the implementation perspective as well as because of the business impact”
Tomasz Jośko – CRO at SANDS Partners


  • Ability to recapture the focus of sales, after being distracted by a commission check.
  • Automate the calculation of the compensation plans.
  • Increase transparency and visibility for sales representatives and sales managers.
  • Expand auditability of compensation calculations, include effective dating and review / sign-off.
  • Eliminate shadow accounting and payout disputes with error-free and timely payouts    


Why Xactly?

“Based on a Gartner article we compared multiple tools. We also met with different vendors and Xactly was eventually chosen due to their scoring with Gartner and positive responses we received from colleagues that worked with the tool at other companies”

Pim Camps – Business Analyst at

Who’s connects businesses to people and people to businesses via the telecom operators, worldwide payment providers and Messaging Channels. It was founded in Breda, The Netherlands in 1999. The very first service delivered by the company was sending SMS messages to nightclub and festival visitors, what laid the foundation for what is today: innovative, international, fast-growing company with a lolt of acquisitions. Over 20 years the company evolved from an SMS services supplier to the full-service communication provider. In 2020 launched cloud solutions: Mobile Marketing Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud. They are the first to launch RCS in Germany and the Netherlands and added WeChat Pay and Apple Pay to the platform.


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