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Xactly Incent™

Save Time

Reduce time administering commissions plans by 60%. End payout errors. Boost forecasting ease and precision.

Give Your Sales Team Instant Access

Mobile-friendly and on-demand, sellers get motivated with clear views into their results and potential earnings for every deal.

Meet (and Beat) Those Quotas

With over 15 years of pay and performance data to learn from, we know how to make plans competitive, boost quota attainment, and help retain your top sellers.

Enterprise Scale, Top-notch Security, Human Touch

We’re here to help you succeed with support for even the most complex implementations, and treat security as seriously as you treat selling.

Automate and Simplify Incentive Compensation

Get efficient with an automated compensation system running complex calculations at enterprise scale. Easily add new reps to plans and automate document workflows to speed plan approvals. Manage programs in days (not weeks) to focus more time on getting strategic.

See Commission Expenses and Projected Revenue Instantly

Keep track of compensation calculations and quota attainment on-demand and in real time. Make more credible plans and lower risk with more accurate forecasts.

Improve Employee Trust and Motivate Great Performance

Keep your sales team focused on selling with timely, error-free payouts that eliminate shadow accounting and payout disputes. Give reps mobile access to their results with native Android and iOS support. Drive additional sales by giving reps access to “what-if” scenarios and other performance tools.
Xactly Connect®

Integration with Existing Data Architecture

Xactly Connect integrates seamlessly with the existing technology stack of any enterprise. Connect easily to any CRM, ERP, HCM, payroll, or other systems to establish a single source of truth for all SPM activities.

Open and Scalable Architecture

Accelerate adoption with the only integration solution for incentive compensation built on ANSI SQL. Leverage ODBC/JDBC drivers and REST APIs to integrate with other enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, HCM, and more.

With the flexibility to choose from self-implementation to turnkey services, manage integration processes in the way that works best for your organization.

Intuitive Web-based User Interface

Xactly’s web-based UI for the Xactly Connect Data Integration Platform gives both developers and compensation administrators a visual view and control of data integration routines built within the platform.

Secure Interoperability

Increase business efficiencies by automating and streamlining data flows across the entire Xactly portfolio. Extract results and seamlessly integrate with all downstream systems, such as payroll, data warehouses and CRM. Includes built-in connectors with Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft.

An Open Systems 

Xactly Connect’s query and ETL syntax is based on ANSI SQL, a common, standards-based language familiar to IT teams, reducing the time required to learn the platform.

Graphical Web User Interface

Enhance value through seamless interoperability with your existing technology infrastructure. Improve visibility into software integration processes and gain transparent data access with an easy-to-use dashboard and graphical web UI. Configure and maintain all your sales territory planning and data flows directly in the purpose-built web UI.
Xactly Forecasting

Visual Pipeline Management

Use data-driven insights and visual dashboards to better assess pipeline health, get deeper visibility into pipeline activities & trends, and prioritize high-potential opportunities.

Intelligent Sales Forecasting

Leverage machine learning to create accurate multi-level forecasts, improve revenue predictability, and streamline pipeline forecast management.

I-Guided Coaching & Selling

Keep the pipeline clean with smart data capture and by automatically enforcing desired sales behaviors across all the sales org with alerts & next best actions that guide the reps.

Automatic Data Capture & Pipeline Inspection

Eliminate guesswork for reps with a digital rep assistant that auto-captures relevant opportunity data, maintains CRM hygiene, and guides reps on deals.

Increase Rep Performance with AI

Automated data capture reduces every sales rep’s burden of maintaining CRM hygiene. AI-Guided coaching motivates reps & constantly helps improve their performance to close the gap between commit & quota. Predictive and prescriptive insights help reps and managers collaborate easily and ensure they are always in sync. Sales & revenue teams can now make data-informed decisions that eliminate intuition bias and result in consistently accurate forecasts and increased selling time.

Focus on the Right Opportunities

Intelligent, actionable alerts keep your salesforce laser-focused on hitting sales targets. Proprietary machine learning algorithms continuously perform pipeline inspection to instantly flag at-risk deals as well as identify high-potential opportunities, prompting quick, timely action from reps and managers. Sales and revenue leaders can now be confident that their teams concentrate on the right deals and spend more time selling.

Accelerate Revenue Intelligence

Xactly Forecasting enables revenue leaders to combine gut instinct with data-driven insights, make strategic decisions, and align expectations to drive profitable revenue. In sales forecasting, context will always matter in calling the most accurate number, and combining that context with data unlocks a formula for greater accuracy. This separates revenue leaders that celebrate at the end of the year from those left looking for answers. Xactly Forecasting provides the blueprint for how revenue leaders can clearly visualize the current state of their forecast and pipeline and identify leading indicators of upside and risk. Unifying their revenue data empowers leaders to make more informed strategic decisions on the path to building a truly intelligent revenue organization.

Enforce Sales Process Compliance

Formalize the forecasting process with a unified platform that is purpose-built for sales & revenue forecasting. With smart capabilities like AI-guided selling, sales leaders can now ensure their teams are consistently complying with winning sales strategies. Prescriptive sales insights help guide reps proactively address open items and move the opportunities towards a successful close.
Revenue Performance Analytics


Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack and automate processes to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.


Create iterative snapshots of your plan, model “what-if” scenarios, complete monthly plan updates, and analyze side-by-side comparisons.


Enhance decision making by leveraging AI to predict key metrics, including sales rep attrition and pipeline health.


Proactively monitor and continuously optimize sales plans with changes in business conditions to course-correct in real-time.

Real-time Visibility into The Sales Organization’s Health

Gut intuition is important, but the combination of data and intuition translates into measurable, repeatable results. With over 90% of our customers “opting-in” to be a part of Xactly’s data benchmarks, enterprises are able to better understand how they are operating compared to industry trends. Access to real-time insights supports leaders in making informed decisions to improve sales performance by growing revenue, reducing risk, and containing costs.

Confidence to Trust the Sales Forecast

Xactly’s Sales Performance Analytics solutions provide intelligent insights during pipeline reviews to improve sales forecasting and enhance sales processes. Greater pipeline visibility and AI-driven forecasting help increase sales forecast accuracy, improve revenue predictability, and strengthen the partnership between Sales and Finance teams. Ultimately, Xactly Sales Performance Analytics helps leaders turn data into actionable business intelligence to successfully deliver measurable results.

An AI-Driven Solution That Delivers Advanced Insights

Xactly’s Sales Performance Analytics solutions offer strategic guidance and AI-enabled insights. This includes actionable recommendations based on an organization’s internal and relevant market data. Organizations have access to AI/ML to predict sales rep attrition and proactively take measures to address it before it happens. Compare plan design and performance against industry peers with advanced filter settings that allow customers to slice and dice sales and business data and configure advanced metrics and reports that support a wide array of sales performance business needs.
Xactly Operational Sales Management


Proactively monitor and update four key areas – People, Territories, Quotas, and Credits. By managing these collaboratively across your organization, you can ensure your sales plan is executed accurately and efficiently.

Workflows and Multi-user Editing

Build trust and collaborate efficiently across different departments. Front line sales managers can submit changes directly with appropriate workflow for approval.

Seamless CRM 

Integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM such as Salesforce, ICM solution, and other enterprise systems to transfer data and thus enable a holistic approach to sales planning and execution.


Enable sales managers to plan for revenue growth and adjustments on an account by account basis. Deploy Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Hybrid and Overlay Planning.

Streamline Processes

Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution unifies four key areas — People, Territories, Quotas, and Credits. By connecting these processes and integrating them with a company’s existing tech stack, Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution streamlines the time-consuming and error-prone process of managing changes in the sales organization.

Scale and Execute Changes with Ease

Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution automates the administration of the day-to-day change that inevitably occurs within a sales organization. The management of the sales team is critical to the success of an enterprise, but it’s typically executed manually through disparate spreadsheets, where it’s hard to ensure proper data governance. As an organization starts to scale, a data-informed and automated approach to sales management is critical to sales success.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack and automate processes to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks.


Ease collaboration across sales, sales leadership, and sales operations to seamlessly manage day-to-day changes.


Provide a single source of truth with customizable dashboards to track performance and quickly identify gaps.


Easily handle versioning and effective date changes to roster, territory, quota, and credits as your organization scales.
Xactly Commissions Expense Accounting (CEA)
Commission Expense Accounting & Revenue Recognition Software. A complete commissions expense management solution that ensures compliance with the latest ASC 606/IFRS 15 standards

Full and Modified Retrospective Approaches

Xactly CEA delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to automate compliance with ASC 606, including both full and modified retrospective approaches.

Full Capitalization and Amortization Support

Create detailed, accurate commission amortization schedules and monitor roll-forward summaries. Automatically adjust and true-up capitalization and amortization balances as a result of contract, account, payee or plan changes. Choose from full or modified retrospective approaches.

A Secure and Accurate System of Record

Prepare for auditors with supporting schedules and collect sales commission data at the right level of detail. Get visibility into how commissions translate into capitalizable assets. Ensure you are considering the correct amortization period at the detailed performance obligation level.

An Extensive Report Library

Benefit from a true commission accounting sub-ledger with built-in summary and detailed reports, including: accounting overview dashboards, amortization schedules, multi-book comparative, roll-forward and journal entry reports.

Dynamic True-Ups

Automate true-up changes due to any contract event, whether a contract adjustment, shift in employee status, or customer churn. Impairments are triggered automatically for any changes, including start dates or changes in the benefit period

Expansive Reporting Library

Gain a holistic view of the complete lifecycle of your commission expenses with a library of pre-built and automated reports and dashboards, including amortization schedules, profitability statements, accounting model comparisons, and summary roll forward by group.

Integrated Workflow and Process Management

Seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing infrastructure, including CRM, HRIS, CLM and CPQ systems.

Xactly CEA manages any number of accounting books and interoperates with all downstream accounting ledgers.
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