We will help you implement ICM / SPM, MLM and Salesforce solutions
the most effective for your business.

How we operate?

No more inefficient and loss-making management attempts through Excel spreadsheets.

Our specialists will analyze your needs and help you choose software that will increase the efficiency of your business, avoiding misuse of time and eliminate shadow accounting.

We will implement the selected system, personalize it and teach you how to use it properly.

About us

Sands Partners is a team of business consultants, programmers and developers with many years of experience in the industry.

Together, we are a well-coordinated team that provides a wide range of expert services in the areas of implementation and consulting in ICM / SPM platforms.

We have developed an implementation methodology, proven for companies such as Vodafone, MetLife, Tele2, Boston Scientific, Ecolab and Nationale-Nederlanden and many others2.




Free communication is the key to good cooperation


Differences enrich us


The ultimate goal is to provide the service to the customer


The constant need to learn new things is in our DNA

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Our values benefit your company

We are aware that the key to mutual success is understanding your needs, correct diagnosis, and then keeping our promises. That's why working with us let you focus on:

Rich experience

Our expertise is supported by many years of work in the IT domain. We have the knowledge and technical skills that allow us to understand your language, fulfill ourselves as an advisor and business partner.

With passion for technology

The latest solutions require qualifications and passion to be able to adapt them most effectively to your business.

Team diversity

Together, we work for your success. We gain a broader perspective due to different opinions. We work out the optimal solution just for you.

Greg Struś
co-founder of Sands Partners
Ever since I started my professional career, regardless of whether I worked in a small team or managed hundreds of people, I was sure that success is a measure of a unique mix: the ability to acquire talent, develop them and make it all fun. That is why our clients are satisfied with cooperation with Sands.
Bart Strożek
co-founder of Sands Partners
During the 20 years of my professional career, during which I held various positions (from developer to architect, from project manager to manager in an organization with more than 750 employees), I learned what is the basis for a successful company. It is her ability to effectively provide services measured by specialist knowledge, technical skills and the ability to change the scale on demand.



Bart Strozek
CEO of SANDS Partners, architect ICM/SPM
Greg Strus
Member of the Board of SANDS Partners, architect, IT consultant