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ICM – Incentive Compensation Management

ICM solutions help organizations manage and automate their incentive compensation processes. These solutions provide tools for designing, implementing, and tracking incentive programs, as well as generating accurate and timely reports. Benefits of using ICM include improved accuracy and efficiency in managing incentive compensation, better alignment of compensation with organizational goals, and increased employee motivation and engagement.



SPM – Sales Performance Management

These solutions provide organizations with tools to manage and optimize their sales operations. They offer features such as sales performance tracking, target setting, sales coaching, and process streamlining. By utilizing SPM, organizations see improvements in sales productivity, insights into sales performance, and increased consistency in their sales approach.

What we offer



We will analyze your challenges, then implement appropriate system. Our specialists will train you on how to use the software and will provide support at each stage of work.

After that improvement you will be able to focus on development of your company.

The implementation of ICM / SPM processes requires knowledge, experience and precision on our part; on your part we need: cooperation and delivery of information necessary for the proper operation of the system. Last, but not least, patience from both sides is a must.

Our consultants assure technical and practical knowledge in implementation of such systems. It is necessary for the effective implementation of such complex solutions.

And the most important: their time in the project is just for you.

SANDS Partners services:

Analysis & Audit
System Maintenance
Data Integration
System Support
System Implementation



Leave us the technology and focus on your goals! You will gain a simplified approach to sales efficiency management, fully motivated sales representatives and transparent commission rules. The SANDS Partners team is ready to support your business if your company has implemented:


An ICM/SPM platform and are looking for additional support
An ICM/SPM system and can manage it but are looking for additional knowledge and ideas
An ICM/SPM platform and decided to fully outsource management, both technical and operational


Further planning

How will our cooperation help your company?

It will increase the efficiency of the company’s employees, avoid wasting time on calculations using ineffective tools, help significantly improve management through spreadsheets, reduce errors in settlements, increase the trust of employees to the company by having a real time information about commissions and the status of their remuneration.

We will implement the selected system, personalize it and teach you how to use it properly. Our company is able to assist by:


Customer consulting
Product Implementation
Leading demo sessions
System Maintenance
Preparing POC
Platform development, 24/7 support



Show us what you’re doing, how your sales team works and what are the common problems. On this basis we will choose the best solution for your business.

Our experience helps us to thoroughly understand sales team needs and offer comprehensive services in a model suitable for your company.

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What our business partners say

Sands Partners are made up of young highly motivated and technically gifted consultants which are supported by an experienced leadership team.  Sands are always searching for ways to improve and deliver more value for their customers. Their efforts translates into truly tangible benefits for their customers, for example the recent investment in project management helps structure the team better, improves communication and allows the consultants to focus on delivery. 

I have full trust in Sands Partners and I look forward to more successful deliver with them in 2023 and beyond

Matthew Cuthill, Director Digital Transformation – Finance at Teleperformance




CaptivateIQ has been expanding its partner network as the business continues to experience significant growth. One area of focus is extending our global reach to provide more high-quality service delivery options for our customers. The team at Sands Partners has over 15 years of domain expertise and is the premier partner for incentive compensation services in Eastern Europe.

We are delighted to be able to announce this partnership.

Trevor Childers, Head of Enterprise Sales, CaptivateIQ

„We choose SANDS Partners to cooperate on a project related to the commission system for our sellers. We knew it is going to be a difficult project to manage and maintain within the short time frame. By establishing a strong relationship built on mutual trust, professionalism, competence, flexibility and common understanding of the goal, we achieved it. That is why we are issuing this certificate of professionalism, competence and flexibility to this excellent relationship that started over a year ago.

The most important lesson we learned during this project is that choosing a competent, flexible and trusted vendor is critical to the success of the project. SANDS Partners have proven their worth many times; they have always gone the extra mile when needed and continue to work closely with us to help us achieve the required results. They are still a highly competent and trusted supplier and made no small contribution to the success of the project ”.



“Demand for ZINKT products is growing fast, so it was important for us to find a key strategic service partner we can trust to provide best-in-class service in the EMEA markets.

When we work with our clients, we always take a holistic approach to projects, making sure we understand the upstream processes that affect payments accurately. The deep and extensive experience in the SANDS Partners team is unique both in the area of ​​SPM and related upstream systems (such as Salesforce), which makes SANDS Partners an obvious partner for ZINKT.

What is the most important, our teams focus on the same fundamental goal – everything we do is to ensure our customers’ success.”

Tom Swinbourne, CEO at Zinkt

„Fastmarkets worked with Sands Partners to implement our new Xactly Incent instance with an integration into Salesforce. The team we worked with was very professional, made themselves available on short notice and helped shaping the system as we were intending it to be. Their flexibility and support were top class and it allowed us to roll out a working system within our tight timeframes. The collaboration was pleasant and efficient, I would highly recommend this team and company to implement medium to large scale incentive automation projects.” 

Hugo Robein, Divisional Head of Sales Operations at Fastmarkets


Sands Partners have been instrumental for the expansion of the Xactly international business and helped the transition to the partner-first delivery model. They have proven to be a reliable partner and support our increasing delivery demand.
Sands’ customer centricity combined with their solid SPM expertise and excellent Xactly products knowledge help us provide amazing customer experience and achieve the best results for our customers.

Chris Sloan, Senior Director Alliances EMEA & APAC at Xactly

Sands Partners helped us with the implementation of our complex incentive models in XACTLY Incent and loading the system with Data from our CRM System Saleforce.com. We encoutered technical difficulties in this process which Sands consultants helped us to overcome with the result of a fully functional Incent System. The technical Staff was very skilled in implementing our requirements and the project was lead very well with a  standardized procedure and documentation. We had a great project team spirit and the results speak for themselves.

Imo Jacobsen ,Technical Project Lead, Xing


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